Secrets to Success for Your Chapter

The BNI Visitor Experience

Your invitation gets them to the meeting. Their experience gets them to join.

What is the secret to turning visitors into members?

  • Is it when you invite?
  • Is it who you invite?
  • Is it how you invite?
  • Is it the visitor's experience at your chapter meeting?
  • Is there more?

The key element Dr. Misner coaches you on in The Visitor Experience chapter program is how to create the culture for consistent, steady growth beginning with VCP. Here are some topics Dr. Misner focuses on to help learn how to create a great visitor experience. Think about how you would answer these questions for your chapter.

  • When visitors come to your meeting, do they leave saying, "I can't wait to be a part of that"?
  • Is your house in order – in other words – are there things your chapter needs to do to "clean house" before you can expect visitors to really want to join?
  • Do your visitors see a team at credibility when they attend your meetings? Dr. Misner coaches you on the VCP Process®, how to apply it to visitors, and the entire visitor process from invitation to application.

Learn the specific things you and your chapter can do to make sure every visitor has a great experience – every time.