What BNI Members Say About Fast Track

Ever wonder what it would be like for your chapter to be on the Fast Track Program?

  • 97% of our chapters say their members learned something new
  • 95% added new members during Fast Track
  • 79% say there is a positive change in their chapters
  • 72% said members learned things they could use right away in their businesses
  • 71% said that the Fast Track Goal Setting Process was a new way to think about BNI

They also report that learning about VCP together helped them understand how to be better referral partners, their one-to-ones are more relevant, and the quality of referrals has improved!

We love helping BNI Chapters succeed!

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Fast Track Chapter Testimonials


Austin, TX

BNI 360 Group

"What convinced me was the increase in the different variables, like the revenue, the visitors, and the energy! If you're considering Fast Track, don't think about it, JUST DO IT. It does cost a bit of extra money, but everyone can pitch in, and the value that the chapter gets out of it is wonderful. The structured training for the EC is extremely valuable. I think it should be a part of the BNI Process for all chapters."

Keith Powell, Education Coordinator
BNI 360 Group

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Escondido, CA

BNI Escondido Goal Board

"After Fast Track, we all had a much better awareness of VCP and a deeper understanding of what it really means in terms of how we relate to each other. We also reconnected to the real value in 1–to–1s and we now have a common vocabulary. Also, one of the early exercises in Fast Track is to have members set their own individual revenue and referral goals. This helped us get more comfortable talking about money and being much more business–focused!

If you're not doing Fast Track, WHY NOT? When a chapter understands what Fast Track is and what it can do for them, it's a slam dunk!"

David Loynd, Mentor Coordinator
BNI Escondido

BNI Escondido Results

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New Paltz, NY

Networking Pioneers

"We were able to get on the same page about how BNI really works. For example, I hear people using the term VCP a lot now, and previous to Fast Track people didn't even know what VCP stood for. When I realized that, I realized that we were really starting from the beginning in terms of everyone knowing how to maximize their membership.

Bringing the GAINS profile into the 1–to–1s was incredibly important. Because a lot of our 1–to–1s had been more about the kids, spouses, etc… and it’s more of friendship BNI. The whole concept of the GAINS profile brings a business focus to 1–to–1s."

Dr. Joe Grable, Education Coordinator
Networking Pioneers

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Audio Testimonials – Listen for Yourself

BNI is a word of mouth organization. These audio testimonials let you hear for yourself the impact and the results Fast Track creates for all kinds of chapters as well as the extra value they receive from their BNI Membership.

Executive Director Kathryn Lodal on how Fast Track is a great incentive for members!

Executive Director Kathryn Lodal on how Fast Track makes good chapters GREAT.

Member from Ashland Business Connections on the impact of VCP.

More Testimonials – Fast Track is Going Strong!


"I think Fast Track is the best thing available for our members, bar none!"

Kathy Mathy
Executive Director
BNI Houston West

"Let me introduce myself to you as the EC for one of the largest chapters here in Dubai. We have gone the Fast Track route and it is working very well for us. In particular, on behalf of our chapter (BNI Gazelles), I wish to convey that the Fast Track CDs have been invaluable. The audio lessons from Ivan Misner are second to none. It has inspired all our members, given them direction and propelled them towards success. We also do hear his podcasts regularly and so look forward to them. Just felt like expressing our gratitude for what is being done for all BNI members and their continuous development."

Prakash Chugani
BNI Gazelles
Dubai, UAE

"We reached our goals and added 8 new members this year, and we believe we will add 3 more before year end! Our chapter is laser-focused on the BNI fundamentals that grow healthy chapters. We give much credit to the tools provided in the Fast Track program. Thank you for all your assistance!"

Larendee Roos
Chapter 17 - Referrals in Motion
Manhattan, NY

"I am VERY impressed by the quality of the program you and the del Fuego team have assembled. It is PRICELESS!"

Mark Hackbarth
Referral Rainmakers

"Membership has more than doubled, referrals are through the roof, and closed business exceeds anything we previously thought was possible. Our one on ones are 6 times higher than they ever were. We spoke with dreams of being a 30 member chapter. We don’t dream that any longer because we are a thirty member chapter with the goal of continued growth. I recall Mike and Felice speaking of the value of a coaching program they found, Fast Track... Our success is based upon your coaching, your assistance and your belief in the doing things the right way."

John Elias
BNI Referral Loop
Chicago, IL

"The Fast Track program is the tool to get your entire chapter on the same page and functioning as a team. Without Fast Track, members are struggling to understand their role and the roles of others in the chapter. Fast Track clarifies what they need to do and what they can expect from others, and establishes a common language. Fast Track is really the glue that holds it all together."

Rory Tosh
Ashland Business Connections
Ashland, OR

"We trialed Fast Track initially with two chapters in our region and have been surprised and pleased about the results. One of these chapters has added over 10 new members in the last 6 months. We feel it's a great program that is especially effective for changing the culture of a chapter. We are currently in the process of adding chapters to Fast Track, and we will continue to promote it to our other chapters. Our goal is to have every chapter on Fast Track!"

Steve Wiegert
Executive Director
BNI Kansas City & Central Kansas

"We have had many members, including tenured ones, give us very positive feedback about the CD materials and the weekly Fast Track BNI Education. We feel that continuing the program will continue to benefit the chapter development and help tenured members get deeper with their BNI networking skills. I really do believe every chapter should engage in Fast Track, and especially newly formed chapters to expedite their success with BNI."

Andy Suarez
Director Consultant
Austin, TX

"I feel the Fast Track program could be a required program for all new chapters to implement within the first year of starting. As members would learn together, they would build relationships that would lead to referrals and results for them personally and for their chapter."

Rick Saltarelli
BNI Success Masters
St. Petersburg, FL

"Fast Track helped us with accountability and creating our chapter culture. The training, the support – it all helps with the culture of learning. Getting everybody on the same page is very powerful!"

Jude Heath
Wealth in Networking Chapter
New Orleans, LA

"Listening to the CDs really helped everyone get on the same page about why we are in BNI. And I have been able to use Fast Track as a selling point for membership! It allows us to distinguish ourselves as the only networking group that really offers education, so you can get better at creating a referral based business. Offering education like this becomes a concrete value that helps people decide to join!"

Richard Wang
Highrise Connection
San Jose, CA

"I think BNI is the best organized networking group, but everyone needs to understand how to use it. The Fast Track CDs helped members understand how BNI really works, and the Fast Track program kept the awareness of education going on. Before Fast Track we'd never broken the 33 member mark -- now we're about to induct our 40th member! We've also had a 25% increase in TYFCB and a 20% increase in referrals per month."

Tom Finley
BNI Direct to Success
Tampa, FL

"Love the material. Love the program. Keep up the great work you do on behalf of BNI and networkers."

Nancy Zare
BNI Commerce Connection
Wayland, MA

"Fast Track is a lighthouse in the storm. It focuses the group on how to behave as a team and helps you maximize the productivity of your team."

Mike Zuker
BNI Referral Loop
Chicago, IL

"We have won the Founder's Award the last 3 years, and Fast Track is the cornerstone of our chapter's success!
We've done both Fast Track programs - BNI Networking Secrets and recently, The BNI Visitor Experience. Next we're doing the Secrets program again, because a chapter is always evolving. We've brought on new people, and we want to focus on continuing to develop our chapter. You can't just rest on your laurels, a chapter is an organism."

Jacqueline Brodnitzki
BNI Commerce Connection
Wayland, MA

"You guys are just awesome!!! I'm so anxious to get started after all I've learned just from listening to the CD's!!!"

Lisa Carpenter
BNI Coastal Business Alliance
Jacksonville, NC

"Our 1:1s have changed dramatically. Now we are all using the GAINS Profile and the stress is gone. I focus on getting as much information as I can about the other person; what they do, how they work so I can help them. We’ve learned to give first."

Samantha Oliver
Middlesex Money Makers
Burlington, MA

"The chapter went from 34 to 43 members in three months. They increased their 12-month total TYFCB from $1 million to almost $1.5 million in that same 3-month period. New members said how much they love the program and how it helped them feel connected to the chapter sooner because everyone was learning the material together."

Millionaire Makers
West Central Florida

"Fast Track is a great reminder to do all the little things that help you got the most out of BNI. It’s like a system within a system. It laid the foundation for us and put all of the elements in place."

BNI Alberta, Canada

"Fast Track helps us to develop our businesses – it give us more of a goal-oriented view. When you have a team doing it together at the same time having ah-ha moments, they're going to accomplish more & more.The best way to get others to listen is to do Fast Track."

Barbara Clements
BNI Profit Professionals
Rockford, IL

"When seasoned members start to realize there's an expectation involved, that they become more of driver than passenger, it brings them around. That's what Fast Track does."

Mark Silverman
Director Consultant
New York, NY

"Our chapter is more energized, has more referrals & TYFCB, more accountability and more visitors! We've added 5 new members so far with Fast Track and 3 of those chairs were fought over! That's never happened in their chapter before. We were all good friends, and often friends let friends slide. Fast Track taught us that accountability is important."

Marjorie Barlowe
BNI Black Gold
Moosic, PA

"If you want a Bachelor's degree in networking, go to your meeting & take MSP. If you want a Master's degree in networking, take FAST TRACK. Why? Because all your chapter members take the training at the same time... giving you the ability to build on other's experiences and knowledge, instead of doing it outside the chapter. What happens is you start to build camaraderie. And if you have an EC that gets people enthused and active in the training, it's an immense chapter builder!"

Jack Boland
Referral Rainmakers
Elm Grove, WI

"The biggest part of having the group grow is having the group be on the same page. You take the BNI principles and flesh them out with each person being accountable, and go to a deeper cut at "how I can maximize giving referrals to other people". Fast Track is such an easy way for you to empower people. And, it's such a great resource tool. Its easy, empowering, and allows people to grow!"

Felice McEuen
BNI Referral Loop
Chicago, IL

"At first I was worried because I was the EC and thought I OMG its all on my shoulders! But there's no need to worry. It’s all pre-prepared materials... you really only have to listen to the CDs and walk through each week. It’s easy!"

John Stanek
A+++ Referrals
St. Charles, IL

"Sara is so awesome and such a great support for anyone who asks, wants, and needs support regarding the Fast Track process. The info Sara and Flynn share is so valuable because they have developed a great database of experience and feed back about what works in chapters, what's going on, and ways to help it get better. The language Sara uses to clarify concepts and ideas makes it easy to understand and apply. Sara offers a safe environment to bring issues to the table. She provides doable options to address the needs at the time. And she certainly helps me when I feel frustrated and I don't know how to accomplish a goal. What a resource for members. Thank you so very much for your ongoing support."

Bamboo Ilana
In Business Together
Mountain View, CA

"Thanks for putting together such an amazing training program."

Scott Ploss
Ashland Business Connections
Ashland, OR

"Fast Track lets you into the expanse of all the knowledge available in BNI. You’re always learning as an entrepreneur... and if you don’t know how BNI works, how can you benefit? Fast Track is like going to the training meetings times ten!"

Dr. Joe Grable
Networking Pioneers
New Paltz, NY

"Have you ever been in a room or a party where about 70% has read the book or seen the movie, you want to be part of the conversation but you can’t because you haven't? Especially in a BNI chapter that’s been established, you get bits and bites over the years... but not the whole book. Fast Track is everyone knowing the whole book at the same time. The only thing that members have to lose is making more money!"

Jeanne-Marie Lowell
Director Consultant
BNI Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

"Fast Track is the best possible way to jump-start a struggling chapter. Whether you have a brand new team that wants to get started on the right fit, or if you have an established chapter that is struggling with absenteeism, low membership, or poor accountability, Fast Track will establish clear paths to success that will save members time and energy while achieving better results. Every chapter that values teamwork and education should give it a try."

Ingrid Edstrom
Ashland Business Connections
Ashland, OR

"Fast Track helps us to stay focused on a week to week basis, and it gives us more leverage with visitors. People want to learn HOW to become good at referral marketing! The Fast Track program makes the membership more valuable because the chapter is training together. And the way everything is laid out makes it easy... Huge Stress Reliever. Fast Track is such a big advantage to your chapter, it helps grow members AND the chapter itself."

Lupe Huesca
Highrise Connection
San Jose, CA

"Chapters in our region that are Fast Tracking are doing 50% - 100% more in booked business. So not only does the program help the region build a strong culture, it gives measurable results."

Ed Craine
Executive Director
BNI San Francisco

"We kicked off our chapter with Fast Track and we've grown by 50% over 4-5 months! Staying focused and getting everyone rowing in the same direction is critical when you are building a team. Fast Track helped us start closing business and making money earlier."

Chapter 42
New York, NY

"Our Fast Track experience was invigorating. It simplified my job as Education Coordinator. It improved the quality of my presentations. It energized the chapter."

David McDougald
BNI West University
Houston, TX

"The results for our chapter are absolutely off the charts. Here are just a few!

  • We grew from 30-52 members.
  • We changed our attrition rate from 30% to 0%. No one left.
  • We started with a TYCB of $650,000 and ended Fast Track with $800,000 in TYFCB.
  • Now we are at $1,100,000 TYFCB!

Fast Track continues to be a key catalyst in helping us grow up. We had good friendships and we shifted our friendships to business and our businesses are growing and our friendships getting stronger."

Dennis Charles
BNI Commerce Connection
Wayland, MA

"Before Fast Track, we had become complacent; we are mostly seasoned members where BNI became a part of our lives and our routine. The weekly Fast Track activities stimulate us and get us excited about all we can be doing to help each other. I am thrilled with our progress!"

Bridget Harmon
President of Profit Makers
Ocala, FL

"We went for 2 months without any new members. 5 weeks into Fast Track, we've added 7 new members."

Gary Teaney
BNI Profit Makers
Ocala, FL

"Fast Track provides the accountability, the focus and the teaming that is often missing in chapters. The programs pulls everyone together and everyone ends up doing the right things and members make more money. What a winning combination!"

Mickey Rechkemer
BNI Referral Net
West Central Florida

"The Fast Track program isn’t a quick fix. It’s a powerful tool that, once a chapter becomes fully invested in actively utilizing the curriculum, the possibilities are endless as to what that team can and will accomplish. ENDLESS."

Stephanie Martin
BNI Power Players
Ocala, FL

"Bottom line, Fast Track helps me do my job better."

Steve DiOrio
Director Consultant

"Fast track is going swimmingly. There's a noticeable change in the energy of the group and many members, even the seasoned ones, are discovering why BNI can improve their business for the first time in a whole new way."

Mike Zuker
BNI Referral Loop
Chicago, IL

"Fast Track focuses on the team aspect of BNI. It helps us set team goals and gives us the tools, the skills and the accountability for follow-through. The end result is we all make more money. My chapter doubled in size on Fast Track. But more importantly we retained members and increased our TYFCB by over 30% in less than 6 months. 8 months after the program we are still constantly referring to the concepts we learned in Fast Track. I highly recommend it."

Dennis Charles
BNI Commerce Connection

"Change isn’t easy for everyone and often resistance is the result when people don’t want to change. The Fast Track system provides a frame work for anyone in a resistant chapter to reap the rewards of change. Even when not all members may be open to doing the program, everyone starts to see the success of those who do."

Susan Rooks
BNI Referral Connection
SE Mass/RI

"Constant Growth Menlo Park Chapter in the year prior to Fast Track had an average per month TYFCB of $76,830. Seven months since they started Fast Track their TYFCB average per month is $151,517. This is a dramatic increase by any standard."

Ed Craine
Executive Director
BNI San Francisco

"Fast Track has kept us focused and now everyone is on the same page. We have real pride and ownership in the chapter now. We have increased membership by 40%, booked business by 77% and reduced absences by 25%. And now we're doing the program a second time!"

Greg Sutter
BNI Referral Connection
Cincinnati, OH

"Fast Track really does help to get a chapter thinking like a team."

Kolleen Edwards
Pensacola Business Builders
Pensacola, FL

"Fast Track helps the individual member be more profitable and get better and more frequent referrals. When that happens, a chapter can’t help but grow."

Sarah Fanger
BNI Elite Professionals
Dayton, OH

"Preston Center chapter is in the middle of our fourth time going through the Fast Track program. As new members join the chapter, they purchase the CDs, take the quiz, and participate in the program. With Fast Track, the learning curve is much shorter for new members. We're all about teaching our members HOW to become effective networkers--the BNI way."

Phyllis Glover,
BNI Preston Center Chapter &
Senior Vice President,
Dave Perry-Miller & Associates Dallas, TX

"Fast Track training should be required of every member."

Makenna Flagg, BNI Darien Dynamos

"Great article! Fast Track really does help to get a chapter thinking like a team. And when you train together and start working together, it does make a difference. As an individual, you can grow your skills thru BNI, however, it is when you start growing together as a team, that the monumental changes become apparent!"

Kolleen Edwards Pensacola Business Builders, Pensacola, FL

"We currently have five chapters (13 in our region) using the Fast Track program. We are seeing major positive things happen in these chapters. Plan to have our others chapters begin the program as well. Having Ivan Misner as their teacher, without the filter of others not including all the distinctives of BNI, is a great training through Fast Track. This is getting back to the basics members think they are doing but come to realize they need refreshed.

Doug and Joyce Morgan, Executive Directors, BNI Central and SE Washington

"We’re just wrapping up Fast Track this week, and it’s amazing the difference we’ve charted. We’re a new chapter – we’ll hit our year mark in February – and we had hit that 6-month wall, where the original surge of excitement had started to taper off, and some of the original group were dropping out because they’d realized they weren’t a great fit for BNI. Shortly after I joined the chapter, we had a leadership change, and I found myself taking over as the EC just as we started Fast Track.

Long story short: Just under 58% of our closed business for the year was closed during the last 16 weeks. We’ve added 10 new chapter members, and seen our number of referrals per week more than double.

Here’s a hint: It wasn’t the experience of the EC that did it."

Jos Willard, BNI Entrepreneurs, Calgary Canada

"As Executive Directors of the Ventura County, Ca. region of BNI, we have seen positive and dramatic results from the chapters in our area who have been using the Fast Track program! Many of our other chapters are now starting to hear the message and have expressed interest. Want to triple your referrals in your chapter? Get on board with Fast Track now! This is a fun and educational program and Flynn and Sara provide tons of support!

We are very proud to be the EDs for the Conejo Valley and Inner Circle chapters of BNI- kudos to them!"

Shawn McCarthy, Executive Director, Ventura County, CA

"The San Bernardino Business Elite chapter is set to start the Fast Track program at the beginning of January 2012. The support we have received while we were evaluating the program and ‘kicking the tires’ has been world class. The disks arrived today, and we’re gearing up for a terrific 2012!! Much thanks to Sara, Flynn & KT!"

Larry Hoatson, BNI San Bernardino Business Elite