Learn More About Fast Track and Spread the Word!

Discover/ExploreThis page gives members, Leadership Teams, Directors, and Education Coordinators information they can use to promote Fast Track to chapters. Next to each tool, you’ll see we have a suggestion about when or how to use it.

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Tools for Presenting BNI Fast Track to Chapters & Leadership Teams

Fast Track Chapter Success Yearbook This comprehensive PDF has all you need to know about Fast Track, including the basic facts, all the details on our chapter subscription programs, and plenty of chapter success stories. Great to share with Leadership Teams and even the entire chapter.
Fast Track Overview Short and sweet – this 2-page PDF has quick facts about the process, the results, and some testimonials from chapters who have done the program. This is great to hand out at chapter meetings when you are presenting about Fast Track!
Fast Track Overview, Process & Support This 4-page PDF includes all the basic facts about Fast Track, an outline of the Fast Track process, details on the support we provide chapters, plus testimonials from BNI members like you. Great to share with anyone who is interested in learning more about Fast Track and wants more than just a quick overview.
Fast Track Presentation This PowerPoint presentation is for members, Leadership Teams, and Directors to use as a high-level overview to introduce the Fast Track Program to a chapter. This is also a good presentation for Directors to use at leadership training, when you want Leadership Teams to be introduced to Fast Track.
Fast Track Programs & Content This 8-page PDF provides detailed information on the curriculums we've created based on our CDs with Dr. Misner. These programs are all available within our Chapter Subscription Program, and we help you decide the right time to do each program. This document is helpful if you're looking for all the specific details of our programs and CDs, and the topics that are covered in each one.
Fast Track, BNI's Chapter Development Program This 4-page PDF gives the high level information on how Fast Track started and exactly what it is, including del Fuego's background and early partnership with BNI. Fast Track is the only BNI approved chapter development program, and has helped many chapters around the world build more success!