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On a recent Fast Track Friday call, Ole Nordhavn, the EC for BNI Best of the Bay chapter in Oakland, CA made one of those show stopper statements. We knew it when we heard it!

Ole said that when the chapter finally decided to do the Fast Track program, it was a turning point in the chapter's history. A turning point is powerful, especially when it happens for an entire team at the same time. Let's look at what happened.

Best of the Bay had always hovered between 17 and 22 members. When the chapter started Fast Track, even though everyone in the chapter had decided to do the program and purchased the CDs, the commitment wasn't there at the behavioral level – the doing part. As a result, there was little to no participation from the group during the EC five minutes. Esteban, the EC prior to Ole, talked with us here at del Fuego and we all decided to have the chapter do a quick restart of Fast Track, which was the catalyst that began the turning point.

So the next week Esteban didn't do the curriculum and instead asked the group, "Are we doing this or not?" The question and the chapter's unanimous decision to move forward created enough commitment, vision and accountability that it turned around the chapter's belief about what was possible for them and what they could do as a team! They set a goal to grow and since that moment, they have the behavioral part down. They consistently demonstrate commitment to results and accountability to each other. Bottom line, they decided to become a team.

We bring this up because we speak with many chapters who are looking for that turning point.

Ole's story is a great example of getting a decision and a commitment from a team to move ahead. Once that happens, goals are a natural next step. This is why we believe it's so important that the decision to do Fast Track comes from the chapter and, like Best of the Bay, makes it all the way to the behavioral level.

Thank you, Esteban. Thank you, Ole. Here is the link to the call so you can call hear what's possible:

Click here to listen to the Fast Track Friday Call from 1/13/2012, featuring Ole Nordhavn, the Education Coordinator for BNI Best of the Bay Chapter in Oakland, CA and his chapter's story.

Now on to goal setting. We have two key points for you to think about.

  1. The tension between where you are now and the goal you set is the motivation to move you to the goal. Plus, when others know that goal, the tension is a bit higher in terms of getting it done. That's why sharing your revenue and referral goal is part of the Fast Track program. When you say your revenue goal out loud to everyone in the meeting, and everyone hears your goal, you maximize your commitment to the goal and the commitment of everyone on the team to help you reach it.

  2. Belonging to a group of people who encourage you to achieve your goals and who are achieving theirs, is a strong and powerful motivating factor. This is why so many of the chapters we work with find goal setting and goal achievement more fun than they ever thought possible. The best part is they often have to reset their goals two or three times UPWARDS!

Where are you in setting and achieving your revenue goal?

And, we'd love to hear about your chapter's turning point. Or, if your chapter has not experienced the turning point yet, we're glad to help you talk it through so you all make the turn together. Click here to contact us.