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Where Are You and Your Chapter?

This is a wonderful and fun topic we spend a lot of time coaching chapters about. Social vs. business VCP explains a lot – like the 80/20 rule, Dr. Misner's wonderful comment about friends having trouble holding friends accountable and why outstanding chapters become stagnant.

What we find is that one of the basic confusions many people in BNI chapters have is in making the distinction between social VCP and business VCP.

When members become friends they feel awkward when they turn to pursuing business because – that should just come naturally shouldn't it, especially since we're friends? Let's put that under the microscope and take a peek.

Social visibility and social credibility are all about liking each other socially, spending time together outside of BNI, like having coffee or lunch frequently. In other words, developing the relationship so that you are so comfortable with each other – you would easily invite this person to your home.

Here is where it gets sticky. When we have a high level of social comfort with someone, unless we intentionally pursue business, the business focus drops off because there is so much more to discuss than just referrals (family, friends, sports, weather, etc.) and we actually can feel awkward bringing up business agendas.

Business VCP, on the other hand, is based on intentionally having the behaviors that create Visibility, Credibility, and Profitability with a complete business focus. These behaviors are laid out for you in the VCP Checklist.

Many BNI members believe they are at business credibility with their chapter members – especially if they have been in the chapter for a while. But what happens is many members confuse true business credibility with, Do I like them and do they like me? We all want to be liked so much that this is our first concern and why people usually rate everyone as high on VCP, because they want to be rated high as well!

But, HOLD THE BUS! The way to build true business VCP and achieve your revenue goals, create the right chapter environment, and have consistent, predictable chapter growth is to be realistic and objective about where you are in the VCP Process® with your chapter members.

Listen to this audio of the VCP Checklist as we discuss it on the January 6 Fast Track call, so you can get an in depth view of VCP and answer the question for yourself. Am I at social or business VCP? Think about your chapter as you listen and where you all are as a team. It starts with each one of you.


I am in the visability stage for sure's picture

I think that my business is hard to find referrals, but I also realize I need to do a better job on my one to ones and to educate the group on what I do. As I went through the VCP questions I realized I'm missing the mark with my chapter.

I'm a business VCP's picture

My friends usually do not purchase my jewelry we are too close. That is why I spend my time concentrating on the business aspect. I just have to make it work better. I give good referrals, I just haven't received any. I'm patient this is my 2nd year and yes I wonder if I'm in the right group.