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“If you want to play like a team, you have to practice like a team.”VCP Temperature
Dr. Ivan Misner

BUT FIRST – You have to BE A TEAM.

Over the last several months working with many chapters now that are Fast Tracking we are noticing more and more HOW chapters participate in the program - whether they do Fast Track once or twice; whether they get on a solid success curve or if they stumble a bit at round 1. So here are some fun and interesting thoughts for you about the VCP Process® and teaming.

Teaming is interesting because it doesn't happen by explaining the concepts or by inspirational talks. These may help point the way, but true teaming happens by doing! Why? Because good teaming is a behavioral event. As Dr. Misner says, if you want to play like a team, you have to practice like a team.

So, what does this have to do with a chapter and their work with Fast Track? Read on.

What we are seeing is that in chapters that are primarily at Visibility with each other or even pre Visibility, teaming really isn't present yet. It's more like dogs in a park, checking each other out, being careful about territory and even protective. What you see in the low Visibility environment is a fairly passive, low interactive style of learning. The reason is because members are listening. They are at the beginning of the VCP Process® and on the low end of the Time Confidence which each other.

Many times what we find in this environment is 1 to 1s with the GAINS Exchange or actually 1 to 1s in general are not as frequent; referrals are on the low end and there aren't many visitors. These are the characteristics of a team beginning the team process at Visibility. This is one reason why Fast Track is great for these teams.

Teams at low Visibility frequently have trouble goal setting. Many times we'll get a call from the EC, AD or the ED because they are that Fast Track isn't working. When we call the members, and ask what they think of Fast Track, we are always amazed at the amount of information they are learning.

What do we prescribe? Listen to the CDs, do the Networking Activities (homework assignments) and then talk about them together (the Networking Secrets curriculum). Why? Because interacting together about all the different elements in the Fast Track program embeds the behaviors that have to occur to move from concept to teamwork.

Think about any sports team? What would it be like if all they did was think about playing the game – but didn't really PLAY THE GAME.

That's why the Networking Activities are so important and WORK.

What about chapters that are already at Credibility and Profitability?

Chapters that are at good Credibility with each other are far more creative in the Fast Track Process right away. They interact and contribute to each other much more readily; the 1 to 1s are active and there is good activity around referrals. They are working the process. They are usually good at inviting and signing up new members. For these chapters Fast Track puts them on a Faster Track. They want to work as a team and they have enough behavioral experience together to really make them a team. It's not unusual for these chapters to double revenue or double in size. And, they are the ones who learn quickly how much more you achieve in a team environment

Chapters at Profitability experience Fast Track as a real performance enhancer. This is usually a high achieving chapter to start with doing the BNI fundamentals with expertise. These chapters are excited about BNI and their passion and excitement is contagious. They do their education for the fun of it.

So, the next time you look at your chapter, whether you are a members, an ED, EC, AD think of the VCP Process® and ask yourself, where is this chapter? We are V, at C, at P? Be real – otherwise the assessment won't help. Once you get a realistic answer, then you know what you can expect and how to support them.

Important to remember – A team at high C or high P will be much better at setting bigger goals and achieving them because they are already up on the Time Confidence curve with each other. A team at low V – during their first round of Fast Track is more like someone just learning to swim. They need the water wings to support them so they can gain the confidence to swim to the other end without drowning. Once they've got it (and you can see it happening) – they take off those water wings and go for it and it is so much fun.

Now you may be asking – how long can all of this take?

Two things. First - if you notice we created the curriculum so that by the time everyone take their 2 weeks to listen to the CDs, takes the quiz, sets their goal and goes through the 18 week curriculum – you've spent basically about 6 months working on it. There's a reason for that! WOW, imagine that.

For teams at low V you may begin to see a shift at Week 5 to Week 9 or 10 in the curriculum. There is more interaction, the stats start to pick up and there is a bigger sense of ease with each other IF they are really doing the Fast Track Process.

Early successes push the teaming behavior a little bit and give everyone a taste of what it could be like. Maybe it's a great meeting, a fun EC moment, a group aha on one of the assignments – any one of these will build the confidence and give them the support to keep going.

The Fast Track Friday calls are designed to help chapters at all levels of the VCP Process®.

  • To help the low Visibility members and chapters see what's possible.
  • To inspire chapters at Credibility to do more.
  • To spotlight the Profitability teams as a destination!

So have fun, play nice! Let us know how we can help! We are here to help you build your success. Everything we do at del Fuego comes from our belief that is …

Lives that matter, lives that work – businesses that succeed!