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Many BNI chapters ask us – why the homework in the Fast Track curriculum? I'm out of school!

So let's take a look at that.

It starts with The VCP Process® - Visibility, Credibility, Profitability. The first networking activities in the curriculum deal with VCP – which is the common language that lays the foundation for extraordinary teams.

What does V, C and P mean for you and your chapter?

Visibility relates to business Visibility. In other words, what do your chapter members know about you from the business perspective? A lot? Not much? How do you gain business visibility?

You gain business Visibility from testimonials from others; people seeing you active and contributing in your BNI chapter; doing the important touch points (including the 1 to 1s), covered in Week 4 of the BNI Networking Secrets curriculum.

Most of us have personal visibility with each other over time, but…don't assume that means we have business Visibility!

What does a chapter at Visibility look like? The chapter (i.e., the members) isn't totally committed to the success of the entire chapter because at Visibility, we don't have the actual experiences of solid business success with each and every member. That's why the BNI processes are there - to build Visibility and move not only individuals but the chapter on to Credibility.

What about Credibility?

Credibility relates to my ability to trust you with my referrals. This comes from consistent business Visibility and is the reason the 1 to 1s with the GAINS exchange are critical for you to build your business. We see direct and significant correlations between 1 to 1s and referrals in every chapter that Fast Tracks.

At a chapter level Credibility impacts the experience of trust that members have with the chapter being successful which directly affects their ability to invite good, potential members. Chapters, where credibility is high, exchange referrals between all members. These chapters break the 80/20 rule where 20% of the members are giving and receiving 80% of the referrals. These are the chapters that are constantly setting bigger goals for themselves and the chapter. These are teams that know how to pass the ball and never drop it!

Profitability, otherwise known as "nirvana" where all good things happen effortlessly, is the stage in the VCP Process® everyone wants to get to. And even for chapters that get to Profitability, it is critical to realize that VCP is cyclical and needs continual maintenance.

So, even with high Profitability partners, it's critical to continue to keep Visibility front and center and work consistently on Credibility.

Now, do you see why the VCP networking activity (homework) is important? What did you find out when you did yours?