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As many of you know, we work with BNI chapters everywhere on the Fast Track program and observe the incredible results that can happen with a good team. We also see what happens when teams start off doing Fast Track who aren't
so strong
. That's what we want to share with you in this entry. What makes teams click?

Let's start off by saying that very few good teams happen naturally. That's the good news and the bad news. What does that mean? Well, often building your BNI team (your chapter) takes focused effort. Why?

Because teaming is behavioral.

Teams are created by shared behaviors. No surprise there. Dr. Misner brings this to our attention in his wind sprints story in the BNI Networking Secrets CDs and connects that with the BNI wind sprints.

When a group of individuals learn the behaviors together for success in the environment where the behaviors are used, then a team succeeds far more together than the individuals will ever accomplish on their own.

Simply put - applying the BNI Fundamentals together in the Fast Track program is the shortcut to chapter success and member success. 30 days to erase the bad behavior – 120 days to install the good. That's what it takes to make any behavioral shift and that's the timeframe for the Fast Track program.

Which brings us to why so many chapters do Fast Track a second and a third time? The reason is because for so many chapters, after the first time through the program, they get to taste what it's really like to be a team and they want more! They understand the true value of getting better and better at BNI. They experience what it's like to achieve goals – all together and they want more.

Good teams always want to get better.

So if, as you read this you are thinking, "My chapter really isn't a team, yet," - remember this. It's a process and you start from wherever you are and go forward. Wherever your chapter is right now - they can progress and go forward. Dr. Misner says if you want to play like a team, you have to practice like a team. And that's what Fast Track helps you do – practice so you can be a great team.

And while you're thinking about it - ask yourself, "What kind of player am I"?