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del Fuego LabNew Look — New Information — More Fun

This is where all the magic comes together from all of your feedback, input, results, experiences, challenges, energy and more! In other words — it's all about YOU.

We've been deep in the lab over the last several months reworking the Fast Track website and we have a brand new look and feel for you. We've been listening to your feedback and are now ready to let her rip!

Take a walk around and see for yourself. We have a page designed for members, one for Education Coordinators, and one for Directors — to make it easy for you to learn about the benefits of Fast Track. Plus — you have a page by Dr. Misner so you can easily listen to his thoughts and recordings about Fast Track.

We included several other new features from your feedback. The Fast Track Friday calls are now on a page all by themselves so it's really easy to get the call schedule and listen to recordings of past calls. All the chapter stories are in one place and all the testimonials are on their own page as well.

We've also done a big rewrite on the resources members and directors use to promote Fast Track to their chapters. It's simple, concise and we think about 98% of what you need to help your chapter get on board is here. Take a peek at the new resources page. If it's not there, just let us know and we'll go back into the lab and magic it up!

Throughout the site you will see, on just about every page, stories, testimonials, results chapters have accomplished on the Fast Track. Our community is growing and we love making it work for you. Our little lab is always very busy and very fun. When you join our Friday Fast Track call — you are in the heart of the lab and that's what makes it so fun for us — having you all there.

This is only the beginning. Many more fun and exciting upgrades and new features will be popping out of the lab over the next few months.

As we said — it's all about YOU and helping you to be more successful in your business and your chapter.

We'd love your feedback on the new site and we'd love to post it here at lab. We're putting up a big board right in the front room so everyone can see it as soon as they come in!

If your chapter doesn't have a plan for 2012 yet — it's not too late. Fast Track is a great way to not just plan, but act on a plan that works and puts more $$$ in everyone's pocket.

Like we say, if it's hard for you, we're not supporting you enough.

Flynn and Sara and Katy and Linda — Your Fast Track Team