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Money! We all want it but we rarely say that. We worry we won’t have it and we rarely say that. We wonder how much other people have and we never ask that. Almost everything around money for most of us is TOP SECRET – even from ourselves. Why is this important?

Here’s the scoop! Until we can easily talk about money, we will rarely be able to make the kind of money we want to make. Why is it so hard to talk about? Because for most of us, we learned at a very young age that talking about money wasn’t polite. And, we carry that with us always.

Check it out for yourself. Do you easily share your revenue goals with others? Do you have an easy time discussing what you charge for your services? Do you feel nervous when you state your price? Is it easy for you to look at how much money you would like to make this year? Do you know how to create the activity that will result in making that amount?

Why do we focus on money in Fast Track? It's simple. We know that when individual members set realistic revenue and referral goals – magic can happen. They find out, usually for the first time, how much activity is necessary to make the money they want. This is important because then they become responsible for doing what it takes to increase their revenue.

It’s why we start the Fast Track program with individual revenue and referral goals. For most individuals, they tell us – it"s the first time that they have done this particular look at how much money they can realistically,> target and how many referrals it will take. For most members, the number of referrals is many more then they would have guessed. This is because the closing ratio or how many referrals it takes to get a closed sale is much higher than they have allowed themselves to think about. They haven’t thought about this stuff because even thinking about money causes anxiety for people. Often that’s because they haven’t seen a way to increase the money they’re earning other than more work, which feels hard.

Once a member has a reality-based idea of how many referrals are needed – then they can go to work on making their closing ratio better. And, this is where the wonderful BNI processes come in. For example, moving through the VCP continuum means more referrals close. Getting your target market set for real helps with referrals that close. Consistent one-to-ones and referral feedback help your close ratio. And, the biggest impact is focusing on your goals week-by-week. Plus, focusing on your revenue goal and sharing it with others helps desensitize all of that “stuff” around money.

Want an easy To Do Tip for helping with this skill? Choose 1 or 2 members that you feel comfortable with, and begin to share your revenue and referral goals on a regular basis with them. You’ll be surprised at the impact of just this one simple tip. Learn to talk money, so you make more money!

by Sara Minnis