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Rowing Team

Here's a situation we run into with chapters. "We're doing Fast Track but not having a lot of participation in the 5 minute EC moment and members aren't doing their homework. We set our goals but members don't want to share their individual revenue goal. What's happening?"

What would you say?

Here are some thoughts to mull on, as we do in the del Fuego Lab, about chapters and members and teaming and your success.

First, let's look at a definition of team. A team is more than just a collection of people. A team is a group of individuals that have a strong sense of mutual commitment to each other that creates synergy. As a result, their performance is greater than the sum of the performance of the individual members.

When a chapter decides to do Fast Track, they take an important step in mutual commitment to developing their team. Most chapters, when they start Fast Track are at Visibility, as a team. That's why not everyone does the "homework", or there is low participation, or it may seem like it takes forever just to get the chapter goals set.

What this tells us is that a chapter at lower Visibility is still forming as a team, because what you have is a collection of people checking out BNI as a resource. They aren't yet creating the synergy that makes their performance greater than the sum of the individuals' performance.

What creates the synergy? What turns the chapter into a team?

Practice! Practice time every week, which is what Fast Track is all about. It starts with listening to the CDs, setting the chapter revenue and growth goals and then tracking them weekly. These are the consistent and basic accountabilities (agreements) that begin the process of synergy creation. Working through the curriculum, having interaction every week in the Education Coordinator moment, and completing the Networking Activities – all of these build the mutual commitment that create the synergy and then create the team.

When a chapter does Fast Track and stays on it, they get motivated. They realize that their revenue goal, chapter growth goal, talking about the goals, tracking them, having fun achieving them, resetting them higher – are all a celebration of the synergy they are creating.

When this happens, greater Credibility and Profitability occur between members. Then, when the team is formed and members are on board, they almost always exceed their goals, set new ones, and begin to have true enjoyment in their success. They are fully engaged in the culture of learning, doing Fast Track 2 or 3 times and then making it a staple activity in the chapter.

The consistent feedback we get from chapters Fast Tracking is, we started as a group of individuals, but we ended up as a team. You hear this sequence described in the Fast Track Friday call with BNI Optimum. They are now doing Fast Track for the third time!

BNI Optimum – Three Times Around the Fast Track

Can any chapter be a team? Yes. The only thing that stops a chapter from being a team is deciding not to be one and not going through the practice sessions until they play like a team. All teams have dry periods where they don't make progress and even lose members. Fortunately the solution is easy – return to the basics, set your goals, practice together, and have fun!

Plan on winning as a team!