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Flag Wavers

Who Are Your Flag Wavers?

You may be wondering…

  • What is a Flag Waver?
  • Why do you need them?
  • What do they have to do with Fast Track?
  • Who are the Flag Wavers in your chapter?
  • Are you one?

We bring this up (and it was also our Tip of the Week in our last Fast Track Friday email) because we have been talking with so many chapters lately who are just starting Fast Track and in the process of lining up their Flag Wavers.

The official definition of Flag Waver, from the del Fuego lab, is someone who consistently demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to the chapter (the team) and the chapter's progress. They volunteer, promote chapter activities and support each other.

Chapters need Flag Wavers, especially when the chapter is beginning something new. Flag Wavers boost morale for the team and help boost the "excitement thermometer" of the chapter, especially when it seems not everyone is on board.

Two important things to remember about flag waving:

  1. Flags wave to remind us of the promise and hope for a country, an organization, or a belief. Flag Wavers wave the chapter flag to remind members of the promise of BNI and what BNI can do for our businesses and for each other.
  2. Flag waving, when it is consistent and sincere, is contagious and powerful. It demonstrates hope and the desire for something more than what is currently in place.

The recommendation we make to all chapters Fast Tracking is to find your Flag Wavers. They will help you wave your flag and make your role easier. Whether you are the Fast Track facilitator, the President trying to get the Leadership Team on board, or the member who has heard and read about Fast Track and wants the chapter to buy in, Flag Wavers will make your task so much more manageable and certainly more FUN. And then, before you know it, everyone will be waving the flag with you!

Are you a Flag Waver for your chapter?