Call Schedule

NOTE: Fast Track Friday Calls are now individual region calls for Fast Track License Holders. Please check with your region for details.

Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 548-9402

Access Code: FASTTRACK# (327887225#)

Join Us to Hear Directly from BNI Members

This page has the recordings of the Friday Fast Track calls, which happen almost every Friday at 10:00 AM CST.

Fast Track Friday calls are a great way to find out more about the program, because we feature members and chapters talking about their Fast Track experience. When you join us on the call, you can ask members your questions about the program and what worked for them.

We also offer Resource Calls for all BNI members, to help you get the most of your membership, whether your chapter is on the Fast Track or not.

If you can't join us on the call live, the recordings are a really fun way to share the information with your chapter. The information helps everyone get on the same page about Fast Track and what it can do for your business and your chapter.

We look forward to featuring you and your chapter on a Fast Track Friday call! Contact Us if you'd like to share your story.

Fast Track Friday Conference Call Recordings

5/10/2018 VCP – Your Navigation Compass for Referral Success
5/3/2018 Orientation with Specific Tips for “Older” “Seasoned” Chapters!
4/26/2018 Revenue and Referral Goals – The Juice in BNI
4/23/2018 Engagement Plus Accountability – The One Two Punch!
4/20/2018 Tips for Following Up on Referrals
4/17/2018 Engagement! The Key to Chapter Team Building
4/6/2018 Listen In On an EC Orientation Focused on Engagement in Your Chapter
3/23/2018 Want More Chapter Engagement: Listen to this Support Call for the LIFELINE process!
3/15/2018 Support Call: Preparation Tips PLUS Restart Ideas. Listen and Learn.
3/9/2018 Support Call: Get Your Chapter Ready to Play. Preparation is the Name of the Game.
2/15/2018 Psst… It’s Here Again! Listen in on Chapters Doing Fast Track and What They Are Seeing!
2/12/2018 Maximize Chapter Culture with Education – Dr Misner's Secret Sauce
1/25/2018 Pssst!! Listen in on the coaching chapters on the Fast Track GET!
12/5/2017 Dr. Misner – Maximizing 2018
11/3/2017 EC Orientation for Fast Track – Listen IN!
10/25/2017 Special Houston Leadership Team Call STARRING – Dr. IVAN MISNER!
10/13/2017 Leadership Team Series Finale Call: Get Ready – Get Set – Go!!
10/6/2017 Leadership Team Series Call Two: Chapter Life Cycle: Where is YOUR Chapter?
9/22/2017 Leadership Team Series Call One: 5 Steps to An Easy Leadership Team Term!
9/15/2017 Regional Plan Highlights – The Questions People Are ASKING!
8/18/2017 Is YOUR Chapter a TEAM! Make it ONE!
8/4/2017 Building Your Dream Team – WHY WHAT HOW
6/23/2017 Amp YOUR Weekly Presentation – TIPS for EXCELLENCE
6/9/2017 The Referral Tipping Point – Are You Maximizing Yours?
5/5/2017 Is Your Team Ready to GO? Easy Checklist for Member Success!
3/31/2017 VCP plus Revenue and Referral – THE WINNING COMBINATION
3/17/2017 VCP = The Secret Sauce for Revenue!
3/3/2017 Your Revenue and Referral Goal Info PLUS!
2/17/2017 The Lowdown on Revenue and Referral Goals. Get your Money Train GOING!
2/3/2017 VCP – The Common Language of Successful Members and Chapters
1/27/2017 Learn about VCP – the Best Kept Secret for Growing YOUR Chapter and YOUR Business!
1/13/2017 Goals, Goals, Goals, and MORE – Listen for Immediate Action Items
12/9/2016 Plan for a Successful 2017 – Key Elements of Fast Track
12/2/2016 Listen to this call for 2017 Chapter Success!
10/28/2016 Fast Track – Your Accountability Tool
10/7/2016 Leadership Series Call – The Final ONE – All Wrapped UP!
9/9/2016 Leadership Team Series – 5 Success Factors for Every Leadership Team
8/12/2016 Leadership Team Series Part Two – Goals and Chapter Life Cycle – One Size Doesn’t Fit All!!
7/29/2016 Leadership Team Series – Understanding Chapter Life Cycle
7/22/2016 Masters of Business – Culture of Learning – Chapter Growth from 12 to 21!
6/17/2016 Challenges of the Seasoned Chapter! BNI Premier shows us what can happen!
5/20/2016 Resource Call: Is Your Leadership Team on the Fast Track?
5/6/2016 Chapter Life Cycle–What is yours?
4/8/2016 Chapter Life Cycle–Where is YOUR Chapter?
3/18/2016 BNI Thrive: Adds Members with the Visitor Experience Program
3/11/2016 The A Team Scores an A Plus with Fast Track!
2/19/2016 Chapter Life Cycle–Where is Your Chapter?
2/5/2016 4 Questions Members Ask About Money–Part Two of the Money Series
1/22/2016 Money Talk! Help Your Chapter Speak the Language of Money!
12/11/2015 Executive Director Spotlight on Micki Peak and BNI Pacific Northwest
12/4/2015 Finish 2015 on a HIGH NOTE! Do these things!