Fast Track Supports BNI Members
All Over the World!


“Fast Track focuses on the team aspect of BNI. It helps us set team goals and gives us the tools, the skills and the accountability for follow–through. The end result is we all make more money.
My chapter doubled in size on Fast Track. But more importantly, we retained members and increased our TYFCB by over 30% in less than 6 months. I highly recommend it.”

Dennis Charles of
BNI Commerce Connection

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Fast Track is the only BNI-approved Chapter Development Program. It helps chapters be more successful as a team, and helps every member on the team grow their business.

Fast Track programs are based on our audio CDs with Dr. Misner, plus complete support materials for the Education Coordinator, Leadership Team and members. The Education Coordinator facilitates the program in their part of the chapter meeting each week.

With our Fast Track Chapter Subscription Programs, chapters receive a comprehensive education & training with Fast Track programs for a low monthly cost on either a 6-Month or 12-Month basis. In the 6-Month subscription, your chapter does one curriculum, and with the 12-Month subscription, your chapter does two complete programs and saves on the monthly fees. The first program is BNI Networking Secrets, which focuses on the fundamentals of BNI. The second program is the BNI Visitor Experience, which focuses on growing the chapter. Click here to learn more about the specifics of each program.

After 6 years and working with over 800 chapters worldwide, we know Fast Track works!

What are some of the results you can expect?

Chapters that Fast Track increase their booked business by a minimum of 30% (and it’s usually much more). They usually grow by anywhere from 20–40%, and they get a new sense of energy about BNI, their chapter, their business, and each other.

What’s the bottom line? Members make more money, the chapter is more successful, and everyone has more fun!

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How do you get Fast Track going in your chapter?

Here are a few ideas that have worked for other chapters:

  • Talk to your Leadership Team. Share the Fast Track Overview with them, as well as this website. For a more in–depth handout, click here. We know the program is always more successful when the Leadership Team is on board. We are happy to do a call with your Leadership Team if you think that would help. We talk to teams all the time to answer their questions about the program and address any concerns or challenges. Most Leadership Teams value the structured learning Fast Track offers the chapter and the members! Feel free to contact us to set up a call with your team.
  • Also, take a look the Fast Track Chapter Presentation. This short slideshow presentation gives the facts about the program and you can present it to your chapter or share with the Leadership Team.

Fast Track helps the individual member be more profitable and get better and more frequent referrals. When that happens, a chapter can’t help but grow.”

Sarah Fanger, BNI Elite Professionals, Dayton, Ohio