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Helping YOU Support Your Chapters

Fast Track is BNI's Chapter Development Program

Steve & Lisa DiOrio

"Bottom line, Fast Track helps me do my job better. When everyone in the chapter works the system together, magic happens. It helps me as a Director Consultant help my chapters succeed easily!"

Steve DiOrio, BNI Director Consultant

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What If...

  • Every chapter could learn directly from the founder?
  • Every chapter could experience the BNI culture of learning and continuous improvement?
  • Every chapter could be a business team, really helping each other build their businesses?
  • You had a guaranteed way to grow chapters, retain members and build a great BNI brand?
  • You had consistent educational support for your chapters, Leadership Teams and Director Consultants?

Every Chapter Can, and You Can Help Them with Fast Track!

One of the most exciting things about Fast Track is what it can do for Directors. Fast Track helps you grow chapters, have more productive chapters, and have chapters that are happier and more successful in BNI. It’s a BIG WIN/WIN!

If you want to find out more about the Fast Track so you can talk to your chapters about it, here are a few suggestions for next steps:

  • Click Here for a 2–page Handout with all the information you need about what Fast Track is and how it works. This is a great document to pass out to your chapters.

  • Click Here for a 20–page Booklet with comprehensive information about Fast Track, including and plenty of chapter success stories and case studies.

  • Join us on a Fast Track Friday call! These are open to everyone, including members, LTs and Directors. They are one of the very best ways for you and your chapters to learn about the program. You hear directly from members about their experience with Fast Track. Click here to get the call details and to listen to the recordings. If you have a chapter thinking about Fast Track that just isn’t sure – having them jump on a Friday call is one of the best ways to give them the information they need to decide.

  • To present Fast Track to a chapter, click here for a Power Point presentation you can use. It gives a good overview of the program, how it works, and what members can expect.

  • Determine which chapters you want to get on Fast Track. Then, Contact Us and we will set up a time to talk with you. We are always here to support you, and we'd be happy to answer your questions and discuss your situation specifically.

  • If you have a chapter that did Fast Track and just didn’t get the results they were looking for, Contact Us and we'll help you and the chapter take a look at how they can make it great! Many chapters decide to do Fast Track a 2nd and even a 3rd time to maximize the results for everyone. You can never stop practicing and applying the fundamentals. All successful teams know that the fundamentals are always part of their routine!

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