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We offer Education Coordinator Orientation calls several times per week.

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Education Coordinators –
Fast Track Makes Your Job Easy!

David Richards of BNI Top Tier

"When you go through Fast Track, it brings everyone together so you’re all on the same page. Our new members were like sponges, wanting to absorb everything and really getting involved in Fast Track. Their energy even brought our seasoned members back into the fold!

Fast Track has been great for our chapter. Try it in yours."

David Richards
BNI Top Tier

In the Fast Track program, the Education Coordinator is the facilitator who guides the chapter through the Fast Track curriculums that accompany the CD sets. Education Coordinators always tell us how much they enjoy the materials.

One of the BIG benefits to the Educational Coordinator is that our Fast Track Subscription Programs give you a full 6 months or 12 months of material (based on the option you choose) – already laid out for you.  The audio CDs and curriculums give you all the information you need, and they are easy and fun to implement. This means you don’t have to be wondering each week at the last minute, “What am I going to talk about at tomorrow’s meeting?” We’ve done the work for you!

"Our Fast Track experience was invigorating. It simplified my job as Education Coordinator. It improved the quality of my presentations. It energized the chapter."

David McDougald
BNI West University

Once you order, we schedule a personal orientation with you and send you all the materials you will use during the Fast Track program. And then we walk you through it, step-by-step.

We pride ourselves in the support we provide to Education Coordinators and chapters – and we are always available to answer your questions. We’re only an email or phone call away!

"The way everything is laid out makes it easy... it's a Huge Stress Reliever!"

Lupe Huesca
Highrise Connection

Here are some handouts that other ECs have found helpful when their chapter is considering Fast Track:

What is Fast Track?: A quick 2-page overview of the Fast Track facts, easy to print and share with your chapter!

Fast Track Overview, Process & Support: More complete information on how Fast Track works and the support we provide – 4 pages.

Fast Track Chapter Success Yearbook: A 20 page booklet with in-depth information about Fast Track, with several chapter case studies and success stories.

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about getting your chapter on the Fast Track.

"At first I was worried because I was the EC and thought I OMG.. it's all on my shoulders! But there's no need to worry. It’s all pre–prepared materials... you really only have to listen to the CDs and walk through each week. It's easy!"

John Stanek
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