Fast Track Programs for Your Chapter

Dr. Ivan Misner
From Dr. Ivan Misner,
Founder of BNI:

"People ask me all the time...

What's the secret to building my business through networking and referrals?

I created the Fast Track CD sets, with Flynn and Sara of del Fuego, to answer this question and more!"

What is the content of Fast Track?

Fast Track is based on the CD sets that Flynn and Sara of del Fuego have created with Dr. Misner:

BNI Networking Secrets

The BNI Visitor Experience

The Secret to Great Leadership Teams

Entrepreneurs–Everyday Leaders

In Fast Track, the audio CD sets provide the information download, and the curriculum that accompanies each CD set helps members install and apply the learning together as a chapter. The weekly curriculum is facilitated by the Education Coordinator in their part of the meeting.

On our Fast Track Chapter Subscription Programs, chapters receive Fast Track's comprehensive education and training, for a low monthly cost on either a 6-Month or 12-Month basis. The subscription is intended to help chapters pay out the cost of the program over time, instead of having to pay the full cost up front.

Click here for background information on how del Fuego started Fast Track with BNI, and exactly how it works in chapters.

Click here for detailed information on the content of each CD set and curriculum in the Fast Track Program.

Click here for chapter handouts and more on our Resources Page.

"Fast Track is a selling point for membership. It allows us to distinguish ourselves as the only networking group that really offers education so you can get better at creating a referral–based business! It becomes a concrete value that helps people decide to join our chapter."
Richard Wang
Highrise Connection

What is the process for Fast Track?

Here's how it works:

  1. Your chapter signs up for a Fast Track Chapter Subscription Program, and we ship you CD sets or give you access to downloads for every member. We also ship or provide downloads to CD sets for your Leadership Team.

  2. The Education Coordinator schedules a 1-hour Orientation Call with us. On the call, we walk through all the materials with you and train you on exactly how to do the program in your chapter. Leadership Teams are encouraged to attend!

  3. You pass out the CDs and the listening period begins in your chapter – all chapter members take 2 weeks to listen to the BNI Networking Secrets CDs.

  4. Your chapter goes through the Fast Track Goal Setting process and sets 3 important goals to track throughout the program.

  5. Then, you start the curriculum in your weekly meeting, facilitated by the Education Coordinator.

  6. When new members join your chapter, you let us know and we send CD sets or downloads for them (the CDs are FREE with the subscription, you only pay shipping cost).

  7. We give you our full support every step of the way, you have fun and SUCCEED AS A TEAM!

  8. If you choose our 12-Month subscription, when you complete the first curriculum, your chapter is ready to start the Fast Track Visitor Program based on The BNI Visitor Experience CDs. The process starts over again with curriculum materials, an orientation call, and our full support while your annual subscription is active!

Click here to listen to the Fast Track Friday call recording where Dr. Misner talks about these two programs and why they are important for any chapter.

"Fast Track has kept us focused and now everyone is on the same page. We have real pride and ownership in the chapter now. We have increased membership by 40%, booked business by 77% and reduced absences by 25%. And now we're doing the program a second time!"
Greg Sutter
BNI Referral Connection

Fast Track helps chapters develop into winning teams. When every member hears Dr. Misner explain the different processes of BNI and why they are in place, the whole group gets together on the same page. And once they've come together, they develop a greater desire to move in the same direction to achieve their goals and WIN.

Over and over again, we hear from chapters on the Fast Track about how powerful it is to have their members following the same playbook. Speaking the same language becomes a shortcut to building excellent referral relationships, as members understand the sequence, the timing, and the activities required to make the most of BNI.

Fast Track provides a platform for the entire chapter to increase solid referrals and closed business, and most importantly, stay in BNI!

How do I get my chapter on Fast Track?

We're happy to speak with you about your chapterContact Us!
We often talk to members, Leadership Teams & Directors – so you can all ask questions together and then decide the best course for your chapter.

Looking for Fast Track Handouts to share with your chapter?
Visit our Resources Page
for several options.

Questions? Contact Us!

Dr. Ivan Misner

"Fast Track establishes clear paths to success that will save members time and energy while achieving better results."

"Before Fast Track, we had become complacent. We are mostly seasoned members where BNI became a part of our lives and our routine. The weekly Fast Track activities stimulate us and get us excited about all we can be doing to help each other. I am thrilled with our progress!"

"When you go through Fast Track, it centers everybody and brings everyone together so you’re all on the same page. Our new members were like sponges, wanting to absorb everything and really getting involved in Fast Track. Their energy even brought our seasoned members back into the fold! Fast Track has been great for our chapter. Try it in yours!"

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