Visitors and Revenue Goals - What’s the Connection?

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If you listened to last Friday's Fast Track call, you heard us discuss the two most helpful goals most chapters can have - Visitors and Revenue – and guess what! They are directly related - although most of us don't think of them that way!

In fact, a lot of chapters have been emailing us and wondering if revenue is really a necessary goal.

In the Spirit of Helping Others See What’s Possible

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Everyone likes to know what's possible at the outer edge. It's why we watch the Olympics. It's fun and inspiring. We want to see the best! We want to see what's possible when you dedicate yourself to excellence. Fortunately, doing the Fast Track program is not as exhausting as the Olympics and it is fun and easy!

Language and Shopping!

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Sara and I spoke recently at a luncheon for American Women in Radio and Television and the topic was all about why networking is so important to building your funnel. What struck us was how many people there didn't' know about BNI and the incredible benefit if offers. The other thing we were struck by is how much information they didn't have about how, when, why, where – we network. And that got us to thinking about language and specifically the language of BNI.