Money Talk

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Money! We all want it but we rarely say that. We worry we won’t have it and we rarely say that. We wonder how much other people have and we never ask that. Almost everything around money for most of us is TOP SECRET – even from ourselves. Why is this important?

Here’s the scoop! Until we can easily talk about money, we will rarely be able to make the kind of money we want to make. Why is it so hard to talk about? Because for most of us, we learned at a very young age that talking about money wasn’t polite. And, we carry that with us always.

The Power of Being on the Same Page

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"Does it matter if everyone is on the same page in our chapter? I mean, really we all want business, so isn’t that the same as being on the same page?"

Really, the answer is – NOPE :-)

Think about this... have you ever heard someone describing a book you haven’t read? What do you say? A movie they loved and you haven’t seen? Do you just say wow, that sounds amazing... but you have no idea what they are excited about? Or what about a sports event you didn’t see, like most recently the Kansas City Royals breaking a 30-year losing streak?

Visibility is More Than Showing Up

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One of the things I notice many BNI members take for granted is Visibility. They think they're achieving visibility just by showing up. But the key is HOW you show up.

You can even have (brace yourself...) negative visibility! Negative visibility takes much longer to correct. It comes from simple things like: absences, not attending the meeting professionally dressed, being late for a one-to-one, or not following up on what you’ve agreed to do.

Does the Chapter Make the Team or Does the Team Make the Chapter?

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Rowing Team

Here's a situation we run into with chapters. "We're doing Fast Track but not having a lot of participation in the 5 minute EC moment and members aren't doing their homework. We set our goals but members don't want to share their individual revenue goal. What's happening?"

What would you say?

It's In The Bag!

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Fun Team 2

Having Fun Accountability

Fun and accountability. Can these 2 words exist in the same thought? Not for most of us. Fun feels good, is exciting and something most of us want more of. Accountability feels heavy, creates a sense of serious interaction, and is full of not enoughs, should haves, you said you would and didn'ts… just to name a few.

The Turning Point and Goal Setting

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On a recent Fast Track Friday call, Ole Nordhavn, the EC for BNI Best of the Bay chapter in Oakland, CA made one of those show stopper statements. We knew it when we heard it!

Ole said that when the chapter finally decided to do the Fast Track program, it was a turning point in the chapter's history. A turning point is powerful, especially when it happens for an entire team at the same time. Let's look at what happened.

Social VCP vs. Business VCP

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Where Are You and Your Chapter?

This is a wonderful and fun topic we spend a lot of time coaching chapters about. Social vs. business VCP explains a lot – like the 80/20 rule, Dr. Misner's wonderful comment about friends having trouble holding friends accountable and why outstanding chapters become stagnant.

What we find is that one of the basic confusions many people in BNI chapters have is in making the distinction between social VCP and business VCP.

Welcome to the del Fuego Lab

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del Fuego LabNew Look — New Information — More Fun

This is where all the magic comes together from all of your feedback, input, results, experiences, challenges, energy and more! In other words — it's all about YOU.

We've been deep in the lab over the last several months reworking the Fast Track website and we have a brand new look and feel for you. We've been listening to your feedback and are now ready to let her rip!

Teaming is Behavioral

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As many of you know, we work with BNI chapters everywhere on the Fast Track program and observe the incredible results that can happen with a good team. We also see what happens when teams start off doing Fast Track who aren't
so strong
. That's what we want to share with you in this entry. What makes teams click?

The VCP Process® A Common Language for Extraordinary Teams

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Many BNI chapters ask us – why the homework in the Fast Track curriculum? I'm out of school!

So let's take a look at that.

It starts with The VCP Process® - Visibility, Credibility, Profitability. The first networking activities in the curriculum deal with VCP – which is the common language that lays the foundation for extraordinary teams.

Leadership and Trench Work

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Being a leader – isn't that what we all want at some time or another - to set direction, create a vision, move people forward or "some-ward."

Most of us, at some time in our lives, find ourselves in the position of having the opportunity to lead - whether as parents, business people, community leaders, sports leaders.

My Networking Revenue Goal

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What we hear entrepreneurs say many times is – it's too confusing or too hard to set a financial goal from my networking efforts. If you have ever thought this - here is an easy way to think about it and set a revenue goal based on your networking efforts.

To get started, we are making an important and doable assumption - that you will build the majority of your business from referrals. You have to decide what 'majority' means to you. Is it 60% 75%, 80%? For this exercise we are assuming that 80% of your business will come from referrals.