Fast Track
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Fast Track:
BNI's Chapter Development Program

Get More Out of BNI
For Your Business, Your Chapter and Yourself

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is the only approved BNI Chapter Development Program, focused on improving performance and results at the chapter level. Now in its 7th year, it has proven to provide members with more value from their BNI experience.

The program combines audio learning (from Dr. Misner's CD sets) with learning through interaction and discussion (facilitated by the Education Coordinator in your chapter meetings). There is a complete curriculum, trainer's guide, member workbook, and MORE - and it's easy to implement because we support you every step of the way.

Fast track offers a system, a playbook, a process, a common language... and it helps chapters set goals, come together as a team, and develop a culture of learning and success.

"If you want a Bachelor's Degree in networking, go to your meeting & take MSP. If you want a Master's Degree in networking, take FAST TRACK. Why? Because all your chapter members take the training at the same time... giving you the ability to build on other's experiences and knowledge. Fast Track is an immense chapter builder!"
–Jack Boland of BNI Referral Rainmakers

All types of chapters benefit from Fast Track, whether they are big or small, thriving or struggling, seasoned or new. All successful teams have coaches and practice the fundamentals of their game together – whether they are just starting out or already on top.

One chapter said Fast Track is the "system of systems", meaning it’s a turn-key solution for any chapter to grow, achieve results, retain members and build a great culture.

Fast Track Results

Bottom line results when chapters follow the proven process:

  • A minimum of 20%* increase in booked revenue.
  • A minimum of 30%* increase in chapter size.
  • Improved energy, accountability and commitment to BNI and each other. They find it much easier to invite visitors, and more visitors become members!

*Many chapters experience much more!

$$If you want to...

  • Take your chapter to next level
  • GROW your chapter
  • Increase the accountability in your chapter
  • Make more $$$
  • And experience the BEST of BNI

Then get on the Fast Track!